Robins Trophy

Force Awards – 2022

.The Royal Auxiliary Air Force awards for 2022 have recently been announced. Details are as follows:

Ser. Trophy / Award Purpose & Eligibility Winner for Year Apr 21-22
1 Robins Trophy Awarded annually to the RAuxAF unit judged to have done most to improve the good name and efficiency of the RAuxAF during the year. 502 (Ulster) Sqn RAuxAF 

There were 3 strong candidates for this award and notable mentions go to 4624 Sqn and the RAuxAF Band, however, 502 Sqn have managed to retain the Trophy

2 Inspector’s Cup Awarded annually to the RAuxAF unit judged to have had a particularly notable achievement during the year. 602 (City of Glasgow) Squadron RAuxAF


For the support they provided to COP 26

3 Clyde PR Trophy Awarded annually to the RAuxAF unit judges to have had the highest performance in Public Relations during the year. 603 (City of Edinburgh) Sqn  RAuxAF


For a strong performance that encompassed a collaborative enterprise between the Sqn and their local radio stations and an outstanding national employer engagement event.

4 Kemp Dirk Awarded annually to the RAuxAF Unit which has achieved the best recruiting or retention results during the year. 2503 (County of Lincoln) Sqn RAuxAF


Significant improvement of casework and extremely proactive in migration to the new recruiting IT system.

5 Inspectors’ Shield Awarded annually to a RAuxAF PTVR SNCO of any trade who has done the most to ensure the success of their unit during the year. 504 (County of Nottingham) Sqn RAuxAF

In addition to running the family business he has established and built the 504 Sqn Eng Flt from scratch and his excellent leadership underpins the high morale and commitment of personnel on the Eng Flt.

6 Pooley Sword Awarded as and when deserved to a RAuxAF Officer (any TCoS) judged to have displayed outstanding leadership. Not awarded.
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