Features – Adventurous Training

Participation in expeditions and adventurous training is an extremely important element of military life for both regular and reservist forces. It prepares individuals for the rigours of being in the Services, and its many benefits include the development of leadership and teamwork skills, courage, and fitness. It is an invaluable aid to recruiting and retention, and, through publicity, it promotes public awareness and esteem. Moreover, and as importantly, it is great fun, personally satisfying, leads to lifelong friendships and provides a unique opportunity for participants to undertake ventures and to visit places in the UK and worldwide which would not have been otherwise available to them.

Whilst expeditions and adventurous training activities have to be funded by the units or individuals involved, financial support may be available from public and non-public service sources and also from charitable trusts – and notably the Ulysses Trust. In the 25 years since its formation, the Ulysses Trust has provided nearly £3 million to help over 34,000 volunteer reservist and cadets from all backgrounds to participate in over 2,650 worldwide expeditions and adventurous training activities. If your unit is organising an expedition or adventurous training activity, the Ulysses Trust may be able to help.

Details of the Trust can be found at its website http://www.ulyssestrust.co.uk/