Vick James 607 *

Flying Officer James A Vick – 607 Squadron

James Anderson Vick, of Kings Norton, was born in 1908. He joined 607 Squadron Auxiliary Air Force in March 1932 and obtained his ‘A’ License in the summer of 1933.

He was called to full-time service with 607 on 24th August 1939. The squadron was ordered to France and Vick flew to Merville from Croydon on 16th November 1939 in an Ensign, in charge of the ground party. The squadron was withdrawn on 20th May 1940 and the remnants re-assembled at Croydon on the 22nd.

Vick took command of the squadron in June and led it until 12th October 1940 when he went to HQ 14 Group as Wing Commander Training.

In early 1942 Vick’s eyesight fell below the standard required for flying and he was released from the RAF to join Imperial Airways on the organisation and administrative side.

He later transferred to BOAC and remained with the airline until his retirement.

He died on 11th May 2000.

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