Angus, Duke of Hamilton *

Angus, the 15th Duke of Hamilton and Brandon

Angus Alan Douglas Douglas-Hamilton was born Earl of Angus, later Marquis of Douglas and Clydesdale, eldest son to Douglas, the 14th Duke of Hamilton and to Lady Elizabeth Ivy Percy, eldest daughter of the Duke of Northumberland.  The young Angus was educated at Eton and Balliol College Oxford, where his interest in engineering was evident.  He said later, “Yes, I went to Eton but I do hope it doesn’t show”.  Following his graduation from Oxford University, he joined the Royal Air Force and after completing flying training, Flt Lt the Lord Clydesdale, was posted to Tengah in Singapore to fly Canberras with 81 (Photographic Reconnaissance) Squadron. For his work in the Far East during the Indonesian Confrontation he was awarded the Pingat Jasa Malaysia, a medal given by the King and Government of Malaysia to recognize his contribution to service.

Angus then qualified as a flying instructor and later as a test pilot.  But his quest for speed was not confined to the air.  On the ground he was an accomplished motor racing driver and he took part in the Far East Grand Prix.   He broke no less than 47 land speed records and he was the holder of more than 60 British national and international land speed and racing titles.

Angus came from a rather exceptional ‘RAF family’.  His father and three of his uncles each commanded a squadron; a unique situation that is unlikely ever to be repeated.  Angus was invited to become the Honorary Air Commodore of No 2 (City of Edinburgh) Maritime Headquarters Unit of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force, a position he held for eight years.  He was a huge supporter of the Auxiliaries and held them in high esteem..

Angus, Duke of Hamilton, leaves Kay, the Dowager Duchess and his three children including Alex now the 16th Duke of Hamilton.  He will long be remembered as an innovative and skilled engineer, a world record holder of some distinction, an acclaimed author, musician, animal lover, a well above average RAF pilot, a Royal Archer, Scotland’s premier peer, Keeper of the Palace of Holyroodhouse, Bearer of the Crown of Scotland, fierce supporter of The Queen and not least as the Honorary Air Commodore of No 2 (City of Edinburgh) Maritime Headquarters Unit of the Royal Auxiliary Air Force.

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