Senior Aircraftman Brian Elliston 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron

Brian was born on 26th June 1964 in Woolwich London to Mum Janet and Dad Bob. He has a younger brother Dominic.

Joining Army cadets as a child, he was determined to join the military and did so in 1984. He initially joined the Royal Engineers, but later rebranched to the RLC. He would often say that he wondered how different his career would have been, if he had stayed in the Royal Engineers… but he then would laugh and say that he had the best postings and detachments as a postie, and wouldn’t change a thing.

Brian was so proud to serve and would love to reminisce with his best mate Kev, about their army times. He especially loved to talk about their time in Jamacia, it was a long standing joke between the pair of them, how they got paid to have the best time of their lives.

Brian was highly respected by all, he was known for his wacky wonderful sense of humour. He was one of the team and would always go that extra mile to help others.

He left the Army in 2006, and found it a difficult transition to civilian life. He missed the banter and way of life. He had a number of different jobs, including sky engineer, baker, driver, personal trainer, prison officer and then went to work for the civil service in a number of different roles, including supply accountant and then working in the armed forces career office.

Although he had assumed that he had passed the recruitment age, he was accepted for 605 (County of Warwick) Squadron in 2018. Despite the friendly banter from his Army  family, for switching from the Army to the RAF, he simply replied that he was better looked after, and why ‘dig in’ if you can ‘check in’. He threw himself into his chosen trade of Supplier, quickly undertaking all training courses which would see him promoted to Senior Aircraftman in February 2020. Brian quickly became a cornerstone character in his Flight, leaning on his previous military experience to mentor the younger, more junior members of  the Squadron. Equipped with his newly required trade skills, Brian volunteered for mobilisation, and in. March 2020 he was  posted to Tactical Supply Wing at MOD  Stafford where he fitted in seamlessly through hard work, a committed  fitness regime and his sense of duty. Moreover, keen to experience all that the Reserves had on offer, he volunteered in 2019 to take part in Exercise Alpine Eagle in Bavaria, gorge-walking and mountaineering. Altogether, he loved every minute of being in the military and part of a team again.  He would often say, the only thing he would change is that he should have done it sooner.

Brian and I met, whilst both serving in Aldergrove, in 2004, it was love at first sight. He had me belly laughing from day 1

Brian has 4 wonderful children, Rebecca, Lauren, Ava and Logan. His absolute pride and joy, he was the happiest when with his family. All 4 are so different, but they all have traits and characteristics of his, he would beam with pride when talking about them.

He also has 2 grandchildren Quinn and Phoebe, who he absolutely adored.

He was happiest when with his family. He enjoyed playing the guitar (and singing along as loudly as he could), being out in nature, long walks, watching a film with a cold JD. He was well known for his love/hate with all things DIY.

There are so many wonderful stories about Brian, but to summarise, most people would describe him as a gentle giant, strong as an ox, with the most amazing personality and sense of humour. An absolute legend, our whole world, who is missed beyond words and will never ever be forgotten.

Claire Elliston and 605 Squadron

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